miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Estreno de "INDIANA JONES y la búsqueda del ídolo perdido"

Ayer martes 12 de junio (coincidiendo con el lanzamiento de "En busca del arca perdida", mi película favorita de Indiana Jones) es la fecha elegida para que todos los fans puedan disfrutar de este cortometraje.

* Comentarios sobre personas que ya han visto el cortometraje:
- Chris Strompolos (producer of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation)
"Fran Casanova's fan film tribute to the legacy of Indiana Jones ranks right up there against the best fan films out there. Indiana Jones and The Search for the Lost Idol captures all of the adventurous delight of the Indy mythology. The music, the production value, the costumes, the sets, the cuts, the performances all burst with the playfulness and exciting spirit every fan around the world knows so well. Casanova's direction is particularly notable - as is his well played cameo as a sneering bad guy. This short Indy tribute will make any fan wanna throw on their hat and whip and head out looking for adventure. A really fun ride!"
- Peter Tatara (conference manager of New York Comic Con)
"We are always happy to, too, showcase the work of the talented and creative fans from around the world, and there’s no better example of this than our presentation of Fran Casanova’s Indiana Jones And The Search For The Lost Idol. Crafted out of a love for adventure and one of cinema’s most classic icons, every moment of Fran’s fan film is etched with the spirit of the immortal, beloved Indy!"
- Paul Shipper (illustrator, photographer and designer)
"Always a pleasure working with someone who is following their dreams, especially a fellow Indiana Jones fan! Fran is a talented Director and it was great to be able to create a poster illustration to help him promote his film and Indiana Jones! it's all for the fans."

Brian King  (director of the University of Southern California, USC, Los Angeles, film scoring program)
"Fran Casanova's film, 'Indiana Jones and The Search for The Lost Idol", is a non-stop, action packed adventure - totally entertaining. Casanova's film pays homage to one of today's cinematic legends while delivering a well crafted, passionate piece of work".

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